Reviews for NICKEL MINES

“While unbearably sad — but also beautiful — at times, the show is not mawkish or manipulative. The gunman’s wife (Marisha Castle) [has] a complex, tormented kindness.”Elisabeth Vincentelli, New York Times
“[H]andsome performances do emerge . . . Marisha Castle, a picture of pain as the shooter’s left-behind wife.”Matthew Murray, Talkin' Broadway

Reviews for RENT

“Marisha Castle’s Mimi possesses one of the show’s best voices, plus she captures that slightly dangerous and unpredictable spirit required to make Mimi’s character work….Marisha makes Mimi shine.”David Appleford, Valley Stages
“Both Castle and London are true sirens of song. Their vocals are pure, and powerful.”Lynn Trimble, Art Musings
“Miss Castle’s powerful voice could rattle teacups all the way over in Tempe.”Pa Rock, Pa Rock's Ramble
“Marisha Castle, who played Mimi, was beyond stunning….Castle is not only an extremely gifted actress who captured Mimi’s essence perfectly, but she has a singing voice that can bring tears to your eyes and inspiration to your heart. “Without You” won me over and it was easily the best vocal performance of the night.”Jasmine Barta, Curtain Critic, Downtown Devil

Reviews for Avenue Q

“Marisha Castle’s Christmas Eve and Pete Good’s Brian are especially good and they play off each other with delightfully snappy comic relish.” Chris Curcio, Curtain Up Phoenix

“Director Robert Kolby Harper has assembled a top-notch cast of actors, all of whom excel at portraying the wide range of comical moments and humorous traits of each character. I saw the show several times on Broadway and this cast is just as good.Gil Benbrook, Talkin' Broadway